Veggies and Herbs 2022

(The availability of items on this list is subject to change daily.)


6 packs - $5.25

Beets 'Red Ace'

Collards 'Georgia'

Edamame (soybeans) 'Giant Midori

Fennel-bulbing 'Antares'

Kale 'Garden Mixer'

Leeks 'King Richard'

Lettuce 'Kagraner Sommer Butterhead'

Lettuce 'Springtime Head Mix'

Onion 'Patterson'

Onion 'Red Wing'

Onion 'White Wing'

Onion 'Yellow Sweet Spanish'

Onion, bunching 'Tokyo Long'


Strawberry 'Alpine Alexandria'

Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights'

3.5" container - $3.50

Broccoli 'Belstar'

Cantaloupe 'Goddess'

Cauliflower 'Graffiti'


Cucumber bush 'Spacemaster 80'

Cucumber Middle Eastern 'Green Finger'

Cucumber pickling 'Cross Country'

Cucumber slicing 'Marketmore'

Eggplant 'Fairy Tale Hybrid'

Eggplant 'Galine'

Ground Cherry 'Aunt Molly's'

Kale 'Prism'

Pea 'Little Snap Pea Crunch'

Pepper 'Aleppo'

Pepper 'Better Belle III'

Pepper 'Czech Black'

Pepper 'Flavorburst Gold'

Pepper 'Ghost'

Pepper 'Gourmet Orange'

Pepper 'Habanero'

Pepper 'Jalapeno-Jaloro'

Pepper 'King of the North'

Pepper 'Serrano'

Pepper 'Shishito'

Pepper 'Sriracha'

Pepper 'Sweet Banana'

Pepper 'Sweet Poppers'

Pepper 'Thai Hot'

Pumpkin 'Fairy Tale'

Pumpkin 'Jack-O-Lantern'

Pumpkin Pie 'Baby Pam'

Strawberry 'Pine Wonderful'

Summer Squash Patty Pan 'Sunburst'

Summer Squash 'Early Straightneck'

Tomatillo 'Verde Puebla'

Tomato 'Amish Paste'

Tomato 'Bonnie Best'

Tomato 'Brandywine'

Tomato 'Celebrity'

Tomato 'Cherokee Purple'

Tomato 'Gardeners Delight Cherry'

Tomato 'Green Zebra'

Tomato 'Hillbilly'

Tomato 'Mr. Stripey'

Tomato 'Sun Gold'

Tomato 'Super Sweet 100'

Tomato 'Yellow Pear'

Watermelon 'Blacktail Mountain'

Winter Squash 'Acorn'

Winter Squash 'Butternut'

Winter Squash 'Bush Delicata'

Winter Squash bush 'Delicata'

Zucchini 'Black'


6 packs - $5.25

Basil 'Keira'

Cilantro 'Cruiser'

Nasturtium 'Empress of India'

Nasturtium 'Phoenix'

Nasturtium 'Purple Emperor'

3.5" container - $3.50

Anise hyssop


Basil 'Amethyst Improved'

Basil 'Devotion'

Basil 'Greek'

Basil 'Obsession'

Basil 'Passion'

Basil 'Sweet Thai'

Basil 'Temperate Tulsi'

Basil 'Thai Holy'

Bay Laurel


Calendula 'Alpha'


Chamomile 'German'


Chives 'Purly'


Dill 'Bouquet'

Dill 'Fern leaf'

Lavender 'Big Time Blue'

Lavender 'Ellagance Snow'

Lavender 'French'

Lavender 'Luxurious'

Lavender 'Meerlo'

Lavender 'Phenomenal'

Lemon Bee Balm

Lemon Grass

Marjoram 'Greek Compact'

Mint 'Double Mint'

Mint 'Julep'

Mint 'Lime'

Mint 'Mojito'

Mint 'Moroccan'

Mint 'Peppermint'

Oregano 'Hilltop'

Oregano "Hot and spicy'

Parsley 'Curled Forest Green'

Parsley 'Italian Large Leaf'


Rosemary 'Salem'

Rosemary 'Spice Islands'

Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'

Sage 'Garden Grey'

Sage 'Icterina'

Sage 'Nazareth'

Sage 'Tricolor'

Savory Summer

Sorrel 'French'


Sweet Grass

Tarragon 'French'

Thyme 'English'

Thyme 'Foxley'

Verbena, Lemon