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A list of helpful resources that we have used or recommended in the past. An excellent place to start browsing is the UW extension website for horticulture. If you have any suggestions on anything to add, feel free to contact us.

Native plant resources

The most comprehensive resource for gardening and horticulture in Wisconsin. Definitely the best place to start if you are new to gardening, or want to start gardening.

Elk mound seed is an excellent local source for butterfly, bird, and native seed mixes. They are also a good source if you want to create a pollinator friendly lawn.

Taylor Creek Nurseries handbook on selecting and planting natives, has lots of good detailed info on why natives are important. Includes a section on the genetics of native plants and what to look for while buying native seed.

Native plant finder to attract butterflies, and other native insects. Uses your zip code to give you suggestions for good plants for your region.

Author and entomology professor Doug Tallamy's organization to regenerate biodiversity and ecosystem function by planting native plants and creating new ecological networks. There are lots of excellent resources on their website, along with the ability to get your native garden listed in their initiative to plant natives.

Native plant and seed nursery that has more than 200 native local ecotype species available to create diverse plant communities and to meet conservation, biodiversity, and education goals.

Boulevard and City Tree Planting

City of Eau Claire boulevard planting info. Includes guidelines for recommended and prohibited trees, and info on the Boulevard Shade Tree Rebate program.

Chippewa falls info on boulevard trees and current state of emerald ash borer. Includes links to treating trees for emerald ash borer.

A comprehensive guide on how to plant many different cultivated trees, includes videos.

Invasive Plant Resources

The best source on what is invasive and restricted in our state. Includes many guides on what you can do to help reduce the spread or help to remove them. For a shortcut to just the restricted plants click here.

Lists invasive species with fact sheets and videos for each. Fact sheets are excellent printable resources on identification and control of invasives.

Other Resources

Info on what plants are deer resistant or less attractive to deer. We have used this guide many times, and found it incredibly helpful.

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