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Tin Roof Garden

Monday-Saturday 8:30-5:00

Closed July 4th & 5th

Our Story

Welcome to Tin Roof Garden!

Tin Roof Garden is a local family run greenhouse and garden store.  We are situated just south of Eau Claire in a charming European style barn built in 1908.  Tory and Beth Luck, with the help of their son Devin, own and operate Tin Roof Garden.  Between Tory's business mindedness and Beth's knowledge and love of everything green, Tin Roof Garden came into being in April 2013.  The family's love of nature helped shape the mission of Tin Roof Garden, to provide the local community with healthy plants and the knowledge to grow them sustainably. 

At Tin Roof Garden, we are very aware of the delicate balance of nature and how humans are impacting their environment.  We are strong advocates for pollinators.  We do not use pesticides and herbicides on the plants that we offer to the public nor on the gardens that we tend on our property.  We attempt to be as natural as possible.  We buy all of our greenhouse plants from sources that align with our belief in earth-friendly growing practices.  We also support using plants native to the midwest.  Native plants are plants that have adapted to the environmental conditions, meaning they grow well in a certain region's soil and climate.  They often times have developed natural defenses to diseases and insects.  Besides being hardy to the climate, natives provide food and habitat for animals, birds and beneficial insects. 

Our goals at Tin Roof Garden are to provide healthy, happy plants at a fair price and to send every gardener that visits us back to their own garden educated on their purchase by friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Come visit us, we look forward to helping you grow!

News and Events


Check out our classes for this spring, we have lots of fun events coming up!


We have frequent sales on a variety  of our in stock plants and merchandise, check the sales page to see our current and future sales!


Native plants provide many benefits for people and wildlife, while contributing greatly to healthy soil and water. Check out theis years list of natives!

Our Products

Our Growers

located between River Falls and Spring Valley, Rush Creek Growers' mission is to grow a wide variety of exceptional plants, and is the source of many of our our veggies, herbs, annuals, and perennials.

Midwest Groundcovers, LLC, is an industry leader in the propagation, growing and wholesale distribution of quality container nursery stock. This year we are proud to call them the source of many or our perennials.

Bailey Nurseries is committed to bring the highest quality, most unique plants to market through extensive breeding and trialing programs. They are the source of many favorite trees and shrubs, such as quick fire and the endless summer line of hydrangeas.

Mast Young Plants is are committed to giving customers exceptional care, service, and the highest quality plant products. They are our source for annuals that go into our hanging baskets and spring planted pots.

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