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Our Favorite Annuals!: Spring 2019

Beth's favorite greenhouse annual:

Coleus, of all shapes, colors and sizes!

Coleus is mostly used for it's flashy, unique foliage which comes in just about any color or shape you can imagine. There are creeping coleus, upright coleus, mounding coleus, you name it, this plant's got it! It's an easy plant to grow either in a container or in the ground. Pay attention to the light requirements as some coleus are fine in full sun and others prefer a bit more shade. Requires minimal trimming or dead heading and a consistent watering schedule. Coleus can add height, texture and interest to any garden situation.


Devin's favorite greenhouse plant:

Succulents...all of them!

Succulents live well in containers for a nice little indoor garden. They can be taken outside during the warmer months. They are easy to care for, with minimal watering needs. And there are so many interesting forms and colors, something for everybody!

Tom's favorite greenhouse annual:

Begonias- last year I was surprised to learn the size and color variation that begonia flowers and foliage come in. A favorite from this year and last is definitely “On Top sunset shades” a fast growing tuberous variety with large red-yellow flowers that show a large amount of variation in color on the same plant. Another variety that I'm excited to see more of this year is “pink halo”, white flowered with pink edging. Begonias usually prefer part sun to shade, take minimal care once established, and flower consistently through the year, so they make a great bright accent to any shady area you might have!

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